About Me

I’m a 22 year-old 2014 business graduate of Drake University in Des Moines Iowa. At Drake I majored in Marketing with an emphasis on Integrated Marketing Communications and Radio/TV Producing. I find myself having to look for a chance to demonstrate how far I’ve come with my skills for marketing, sales, research and analysis, project management, speech, negotiation, teamwork, directing, business writing, promotional writing, design, video, radio, and organization.


Ok, I felt obligated to throw that list out there. I cannot stand having to go on and on about my least favorite topic- me. All I need is a worthwhile challenge to complete and I’m happy. That’s why I got into this business in the first place. What could be more fascinating then breaking into the thought processes of thousands and twist them to conform to your desires? It’s not the product or service that’s important. As much as I love to build things I’m not an engineer and never could have been one so I’m not going to be able to make it better. From a functional point of view perspective becomes reality. There’s nothing like measuring and changing it.


I’m a extremely goal/numbers oriented person. I can’t decide if that’s one of my biggest strengths or one of my biggest weaknesses. I love working as an official. I’ve umpired for 9 years. On the field I have total command over everything I see and I have similar command when directing a live production. Even when I’m not directing I’m still totally comfortable. There is no time for other concerns you have one chance to get it right and one moment to do it in. Strive for perfection hope to go unnoticed turn around and do it all again the next day. You learn to trust your partner working beside you in both cases and I’ve made some wonderful friendships that way. Plus I’m really good at it and who doesn’t like doing things they’re good at? No worrying no politics just do your job right that’s all that matters.


The problem comes in because my brain runs on that track unless I’m making a conscious effort to take it someplace else.¬† I confuse the heck out of my superior by begging for criticism. I’ve never shaken the suspicion that a compliment is an intent to make me go away. Criticism is an indication that you care enough about my work to try to improve it and I know darn well it’s not perfect so a lack of criticism better be because its too late to do anything about it. The issue is that the number of people who think that way are pretty darn limited, and I’m not really good at faking it even when I’m smart enough to remember that little fact. It happens faster if we spend time in the same figurative foxhole, but eventually people figure out that while I might be a bit gruff and definitely am super task oriented I’ll always have your back and be willing to help. My humor is dry to the point of being genuinely confusing.


Essentially what I’m saying is that I’d rather be useful than liked and it doesn’t always lead to great first impressions. I’m still trying to recover from a mistake brought on by my own frustration with a different smaller mistake. Sure it got blown out of proportion, but I’ve learned two lessons. Showing frustration even in the back doesn’t work in some industries and its more important than I realized to quickly build go relationships rather than my usual let my work speak for itself strategy.


I’m a native Milwaukeean and proud cheesehead. I’m a total sports junkie that extended to my time in school as Sports Director and producer of the nation’s largest student run television broadcast at the Drake relays though no one ever could tell me just how they arrived at that statement. That always bothered me. If you’re going to promote something by stating a fact you should be able to back it up.

In any case, I hope if you’re looking at this page for some season or other I hope it’s because you’re wondering whether to hire me. Please let’s just cut to the chase give me a call. I’d love to talk to you.



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